Principal’s Message

We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

In today’s world, cut-throat competition is a commonly heard phrase and is every parent’s primary concern. We are all seeking the perfect balance between work and play in the lives of our children Here at Delhi Public School, Sitapur, we realize the need for tapping into the true potential of our students are guiding them along their individual paths of glory. We aspire to inspire our students to blossom into the ideal role models for future generations while becoming responsible citizens of the country. The entire DPS family understands the need to collaborate in providing the world with an individual who has a breakable moral fiber and brains of genius. An individual who can take the world by storm and make an impact on it for the better. Proper holistic education is the very least that can be done for those who so confidently placed the future of their children in our hands. DPS will soon turn out to be one of the best decisions you have made as a parent to your ward’s fate.

While the course load may be demanding, the infrastructure provides for a complete understanding of concepts. The teachers are highly qualified and practice incredibly versatile and modern teaching practices. With the amount of individual attention paid, to every student there is absolutely no scope for things to run off track. Once admitted to our school, your ward achieves a status very few ever have the chance to gain by becoming an integral member of the DPS family across the globe interactions with some of the best minds of the world over the course of several years, males for an amazing talent in the fields of academic, sports, fine arts and performing arts to state the very least

We believe in morphing your child into the perfect student and professional. One who will make a genuine difference in the world and will bring glory to you and our institution

We believe in them you should believe in their belief

Mr. R. K. Singh

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